Testimonial – Rob Miller, Tulsa Elite, Coach

Thank you Rob Miller, Tulsa Elite Coach

“From the initial meeting to the execution of our 5-month facility contract fit the needs of our Tulsa Elite 316 Prospects – Miller softball team. Hoover Field has been tremendous to work with and always treated our team as their #1 priority. The explosion of wall to wall turf as you enter the building has elevated the competitive image of our athletic organization and highlights both our commitment towards student-athletes sas well as with the travel softball team community. Hoover Field went the extra mile for Tulsa Elite 316 Prospects – Miller and the branding of our Tulsa Elite 316 Prospects organization has truly benefited from the use of Hoover Field’s facility. They have a phone app so they players can check-in and a viewing area for the parents to watch our practices safely.”